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Mais, · Je · Suis · Heureux

Writer's Block: Close Encounters of the Celebrity Kind

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Have you ever met a celebrity in real life? Who was it and how did your paths cross?
I've met a couple now ^_^

1. David Tennant, the awesomeness that is The Tennant.  He ruffled my hair *reminisces with joy*

2. Russell Howard, he's pretty darn funny.  And so nice!

3. The Feeling - Dan Gillespie Sells, Richard Jones, Paul Stewart, Ciaran Jeremiah and Kevin Jeremiah.  They are so sweet, and extremely obliging for photos and signing =D  Hopefully will meet them again this year ^_^

Hmmm, who can I barely count?

4. I once saw the guy newsreader from Look North in Leeds

5. An ex-drummer from Status Quo came to my primary school.  He was strange...

Think that's about it =)  Pretty accomplished so far.
I'm Feeling..:
accomplished accomplished
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